The Beginners Guide to Essential Baking Equipment

I get, you are just probably just starting to learn baking in Delhi and are confused whether you really need to be spending 50-60k on mixers and other baking equipment.

1. Spatula

A spatula, believe it or not, is like a best friend to any baker looking to run a profitable business. Why?

That is because silicone spatulas like the one mentioned above by Ramkuwar help remove cake mixture and melted chocolate inside bowls to the last drop so your waste is minimal.

This set has 3 spatulas of different sizes all of which are BPA-free and approved by the FDA so they are 100% safe for daily usage.

They can withstand 600-degrees F of heat and come with reinforced stainless steel handles so it can easily handle the day to day rigor, unlike plastic spatulas.

2. Bread Tin

Just like you have tins of cakes there are also tins available for bread and the one thing that is special about this bread tin by SYGA is its carbon steel build.

That is because it not only provides you with excellent durability but also heats up evenly so the bread is cooked evenly inside out.

Plus, since it has a non-stick coating it requires little to no butter or oil coating and bread easily comes out without any of it sticking to the bottom.

This in tandem with the smoothened edges also make the tum easy to clean and hold. For the quality, you get at less than Rs. 250, this bread tin is a bargain.

3. Whisk

In case you do not have a mixer yet or live in an area with a lot of power cuts, a manual whisker makes for a good backup plan.

This Cielo whisk is made out of stainless steel which means you get a whisk that is both durable and easy to clean as it is also dishwasher-safe.

There are 2 whisks, one for larger mixes while the other is ideal for smaller mixes. The hook at the end of the whisk means when not in use, you can simply hang them around the countertop for quick access.

4. Parchment Paper

If you find your bread and cakes still sticking to the bottom of the tin a parchment paper is a cheaper alternative to greasing with butter or oil.

And since the tin has no greasing or bread/cake sticking to the bottom, cleaning them takes mere minutes.

The baking parchment by Oddy is heat-resistant up to 220-degree Celsius thus perfect for both baking or even reheating food in the microwave as it prevents food from drying out. Similarly, it can also be used to store food in the freezer.

It has dimensions of 260mm x 20m and is made of food-grade material and does not come with any harmful chemicals.