How to Build an Audience for your Baking Channel?

YouTube has over 800 million monthly users from across the globe. As for India, around July 2017 there were reported to be 9.48 million views that attracted around 1.1 crore subscribers (now that’s some jaw-dropping stats).

So you know Indians love YouTube alike but how do you reach out to them? What kind of content should you be posting? Here are the answers to some of the burning questions.

Content is always king

Guess we have that clear by now. If you’re going to peak interest it all begins with top-notch content. Give people trash and they’ll happily throw it in the bin (ironic, isn’t it?).

For any chef posting recipes is always the first and foremost content idea and rightly so. If you’re good at something you’d better show it off.

But nothing grabs the attention of a viewer than a problem-solving video, after all, isn’t that why we often visit YouTube? Those how to cream a cake and other how to’s and tips and tricks can be the difference-maker so make sure you upload at 2-3 of those in a week. Avoid posting poor quality videos or ones that haven’t been edited well enough.

Brand your Channel

Like you spend time and effort decorating those plates of food being rolled out you’ve got make your channel visually appealing as well. It is what’s going to help the user connect instantly with your products and bakery, in turn, creating a brand identity.

Now, since you are already using a brand identity on your Instagram and website so carrying it over makes the perfect connection.
Below are few tips on how to make your YouTube channel visually appealing:

  • Write a bio that’s interesting, inspiring and to the point. Let your viewers know what drives you, inspires you and everything that you looking to address through this channel.
  • A banner is the first thing to be noticed and with tools such as PhotoScape and Canva at your disposal creating an eye-grabbing banner shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Also, remember to add custom URL’s to the header
  • Use customized video thumbnails.
  • Create them using only get high-quality images, relevant fonts, maintain the right brightness and contrast along with suited filters (time to step up up your Photoshop game).

Yup, we’re making it a little time consuming but these steps show viewers your seriousness regarding your business getting them to hit that subscribe button.

Make use of annotations

Everything you’ve done so far goes down the drain without calls to action. The right calls to action at the right place is what’s going to rack up the subscribers and views.

On the other hand, place those annotations wrongly and they’ll kill the user experience and make your videos look spammy. A calls to action such as ‘click to subscribe’ or ‘Also Watch’ etc. are standard annotations usually placed at the end of the video but is placing them during the video wrong? No, but put them there only and only if relevant.

Cross-Promote your YouTube Channel

If you’re got a large following on Instagram or have thousands of people flocking to your website each month promoting your YouTube channel is a ‘piece of cake’. Here’s how you can do it.

Remember, we told you to post short videos of cutting into the cake, etc. on Instagram. You can link them back to full recipes on your YouTube Channel.

  • Change your Instagram bio calls to action to your latest YouTube upload.
  • If you have recipes on your site, do add the video guides at the end of each recipe.
  • Let your followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn also know about your YouTube Channel
  • Use to promote your videos by scooping them on relevant topics.
  • Create Pinterest boards

Give your brand a face

Ever wondered why those Trivago ads with its India Head as the lead actor in them became such a hit amongst the viewers? The not so perfect beard, the standard dressing and the lack of swag appealed to the people. In other words, they fell in love with the simplicity plus it gave the brand a face.

In video marketing, the face often becomes the brand. Nothing relates better with viewers than having a person to connect with. Be yourself or as they say BE RAW and you never know what might click with the viewers.