The Best Bakery Courses in Delhi 2020

As a baker, the hardest decision for me was to decide on a bakery course where I would learn not just everyday cakes and muffins but also European bread and pastries.

Plus, since I wanted to start my home baking business I also wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business world. This includes pricing items, hiring, marketing, etc.

So I set out looking for the best bakery courses in Delhi. I checked out around 8 baking schools before I picked my 3 favorite schools. Here are in-depth reviews about these baking classes so you can make an informed decision and get the most value for your money.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi for 2020

1) Truffle Nation (Best Baking Classes in South Delhi)

Finding TruffleNation was an absolute game-changer for me and was the baking class I picked and so should you. Wondering why? Let’s dig right into that.

TruffleNation Rating
The Good
Get the best bang for your buck
Learn marketing
pricing and so on
Hands-on Training
Get weekend classes
Get all modules as eggless
Walking distance from the Saket Metro
The Bad
Act quickly as seats are hard to get

What I Liked

Remember I told you I wanted to learn more than just baking. I wanted to go deep and understand other aspects as well and TruffleNation is one of the very few baking classes in India to provide that training.

With the professional courses, you are given Deep-Dive marketing sessions. Here we were taught everything we needed to kick-start our business online.

This included setting up social media pages, starting and managing ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook and also Google, Facebook Retargetting, etc.

Plus, sessions were also conducted where we were taught about pricing each time for a good profit, storing goods correctly, staffing, doing market research and so on.

And after my Diploma, I also got the chance to intern at TruffleNation for a month. Here I worked with the trainers, got create my own recipes and manage a live kitchen which further helped me grow my skills.

But if you do not want to get into professional baking or just want to upgrade skills, there are tons of part-time bakery courses available as well such just cookies making, bread, Tarta, and pies, etc.

Learning was very comprehensive with all practical training being 100% hands-on which was great news as I learned how to work with commercial oven and mixers.

Oh, and every 4-5 students had one teacher looking over them. This meant first-time bakers got special attention at every step  (the teachers here really do put their hearts into teaching).

Another reason why I chose TruffleNation over the rest was the price. While Diploma at other schools was costing me around 4-5 lacs or more, ar TruffleNation, the Diploma costs just Rs. 2,75,000 for 4 months.

This includes uniforms, recipe books, vendor list and so on. Furthermore, everything we baked was packed and given to us to take home and share with our friends and family  (maybe even showoff our skills 😉 ).

The Saket branch is also very close to the Saket metro station. The walk is about 2-3 minutes long so commuting is very simple, especially if you live on the yellow line of the Delhi Metro.

What I Didn’t Like

Well, I had to wait for quite some time before I got admission. Since batch sizes are small, they fill up fast so act today if you are serious about baking.

You can get the TruffleNation course fee and other details on their official website.

2) International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi

Chef IICA is another very good baking school in Delhi for both professional courses and part-time courses. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Chef IICA Rating
The Good
Both part-time and professional courses are available
Get hands-on training
They have an impressive placement record
Have multiple branches
The Bad
Batch sizes are bigger with about 20 students
Marketing or photography sessions are not provided

Top Features

Chef IICA has been in the business for 15+ years and has provided placements to students in almost all 5-stars and even restaurants and hotels abroad.

Yes, their impressive record of placements includes Taj, Lalit,  Maurya, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill, Tresind in Dubai, etc. So if a high-end job was your ultimate goal, then this is the best bakery course in Delhi for you.

But getting jobs are these fancy hotels isn’t going to be easy, right? You will have to clear multiple rounds of interviews, have a good resume, etc. and Chef IICA is going to help you all through that.

Yes, students completing their professional courses are given 100% job assistance. So whether it prepping you for interviews, tests or making an impressive CV, you will be assisted throughout.

Furthermore, guiding you through the hands-on courses is a faculty that includes trainers that have worked at 5-stars for years in India. There is also a constant stream of seminars and workshops by guest chefs and industrial visits to look forward to.

There are hobby courses as well that are worth checking out. Plus, whether you live in Delhi or Gurugram, you have the option of joining chef IICA as they have branches in both the places.

What I Didn’t Like

The Diploma courses at Chef IICA were longer as they last a year or more. Plus the fee was also pretty high when compared to Truffle Nation.

Secondly, the batch sizes were pretty big. Each batch has about 20 students thus is it likely than you wouldn’t get the individual attention you could get at TruffleNation.

3) Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

Since I live in Gurugram, APCA was one of the first schools I checked out and there is plenty to like about them. In fact, they have branches in Mumbai and Bangalore as well.

Academy of Pastry Arts India Rating
The Good
Get trained by award-winning chefs
92% training is hands-on
Intern in Malaysia with advanced Diploma
The Bad
They are pretty expensive
No marketing or food photography session are available

What I like

The most impressive thing about APCA is its faculty. After all, they boast of having the Gold Medalist for Pastry Queen India 2017 and other similar winners on their team.

I mean who does not want to get trained by winners of such prestigious award, right? Apart from that, trainers also have bucket loads of experience in the industry with guest trainers and industrial visits further boosting learning.

Training, whether you go with a professional course or part-time course, is 92% hands-on. And if you have opted for the 9-month Diploma course, you will also be given the chance to intern in Malaysia. This exposes you to a different cuisine and culture thus further improving your skills.

They have both professional and hobby courses for people interested in culinary arts as well. Or you can go for the best of both worlds with their Dual course.

If you cannot give time throughout the week due to work or studies related commitments, APCA also has weekend courses available. Though keep in mind, these classes are longer.

For students coming from outside of Delhi getting admission and finding accommodation is a breeze as they have teamed with PG and hostel in the area that are both cheap and clean.

The Drawbacks

One of the few reasons APCA is at the bottom of the list of the best baking classes in Delhi is their higher pricing compared to both TrufflenNation and Chef IICA which is a big turn-off.

Plus, as I mentioned I wanted to learn more than just baking to run my own home baking business and APCA does not provide that as there are no marketing or even food photography classes.